The Grants Group, LLC
The Grants Group currently offers the following 5 services:

1. Funding Source Research
2. Organization Research
3. Letters of Inquiry
4. Grant Writing/Application
5. Review/Revision of Current or Previous Applications

1. Funding source research

We search our database for foundations and grant makers that match your funding needs and provide you with a list of highly compatible sources that includes:  Foundation or corporation name and location; contact person, Website URL; funding criteria; how to apply; and suggested time of year to apply.

2. Organization research

The first time we produce a letter or application for you, we need to do a certain amount of research regarding your organization, mission and vision, and develop an understanding of current needs and future projects.  This may involve: reading your brochures, reports and newsletters; talking with staff and board members; and performing other related research.  The length of time varies, as it depends upon the size and scope of your organization.  Because this is a one-time activity, and we hope you will utilize our services again, we price this activity separately.

3. Letter of inquiry

A Letter of Inquiry is 2-4 pages in length.  It outlines your project and its funding need to a foundation or corporate donor to capture their interest in going to the next step.  This also serves as a marketing letter for your organization and shapes the foundation for your project.

Please note: Organizational research is required

4. Grant application

We focus on those components of the grant application that have to do with mission and vision, background, rationale for the project, benefits, outcomes, project budget, and evaluation and dissemination.  Some grant applications are 4-10 pages in length and relatively straightforward, while others can be 20-50 pages and require more in-depth information.  Additional services may include: developing community and business partnerships for the project; facilitating and developing the actual project; and securing attachments.

Please note: Organizational research required

5. Review/revision of current or previous grant applications

If you are interested in having current or previous completed grant applications reviewed and evaluated prior to submission/resubmission, we will: evaluate to make sure it corresponds with the Request for Proposal and funding guidelines; score the proposal; identify weaknesses and make recommendations; and provide editing. 

Please note: Organizational research may be required

The Grants Group, LLC

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